looking for texture

does anyone know where i can find a texture and maybe a bump map for scared up armor.:smiley: i realy need this texture thanks

for the diffuse map just start with a solid gray image, then airbrush it a bit with a rust color, and perhaps very subtly with some others colors, change the offset so that the edges are running through the middle, and paint over them. now you have a seamless texture.
for the bump map you can try this.



Not textures, but a good site for images of armour. You’ll need to create the textures yourself, from your unwrapped models - It’s a very specific thing, not like a tileable stone texture or something. You can start with a tileable steel texture, but the reason your not finding any is because it’s got to be specific to your model.

Thanks i kinda noticed your post a little late but ill try it out.Thanks again for the help