Looking for textured,rigged model high and low poly.

Hi all,

I am looking for a Textured and Rigged high and low poly robotic Squirrel. It is intended for use in animation and game engine as well as a logo. If you would like more details please feel free to message me or link me your portfolio.

Details :

  • Cartoony feeling.
  • Textures to match Cartoon/freestyle shading
  • Low poly rigged for in game animation.
  • Completely robotic (not a cyborg or anything)

Due to the fact that I am doing a lot of other things at the moment and trying to save myself some time and would be willing to pay.

I hope I got the format for this right haha.



Thanks to everyone who checked out the request. I will attempt to do it myself at a later date. Or might go to a freelance site.

Thanks again :smiley: