Looking for the opposite function of subdivide

Hello Blender community!

Hopefully, I’ll get this right, and get across what I want at least somewhat coherently. I have a textured mesh that is basically a plane, 3x2 vertices. 2 vertices in the middle are completely useless, so I’d love to know if there’s a function that lets me un-subdivide the mesh without screwing up the UV? I tried some google-fu, but I couldn’t find anything that would give me an answer for this specific situation.

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Dissolve edges (X)

I was confused for a second there, trying to find the function in 2.49b. :stuck_out_tongue: Found it right away in the new version, thank you Richard!

I’ll take the opportunity to ask one more question, without spamming with another thread. I have a tile set in which all pieces are already unwrapped and textured, but I’d like to make some formations by combining the pieces into single objects and have them as optimized as possible (since it’s going to be used in a game). I tried to simply join the objects, and then remove doubles to merge those objects in edit mode, but that also messed with the UV. Is there a way to merge two objects and merge their vertices, and have their UVs simply combine in the process?

Also, dissolve did mess with the uv, it combined the UVs of both meshes but resized them back to the size of one on the texture. :confused:

And I know it’s for spam control, but this 24 hour waiting period (and longer) to get my post checked out is kinda aggravating. :stuck_out_tongue: