Looking for those interested in being part of Virtual Planet modeling team

This is our current Planet Postmoderna work.

I am putting together a team of model and level designers for a Virtual Worlds project. The only pay I can promise right now is a percentage of the profits from the world when it goes live. This is a work as we go project.

Please PM or email me if you would like more info about it.

Thanks in advance.

Here are samples of what we have done so far:

Base Camp (Day):

Base Camp (Night):

The Challenges we have had so far are demoing it in Active Worlds. Granted it is not as high res but we just can’t get those DirectX Models right.

See Below:

can you give more details what kind of virtual world, how big is the project etc.

second that

Aren’t we all?:spin:

Since when have you been using blender?
First make a team of beginners for a marble maze if it’s been less than 4 months (and that sticked to the computer all day) unless you’re really good at something related with it.

No .
Flapman: Perhaps unless you’re really good at storylines and/or concept art, you gotta stop being a noob before making a team.

“A noob and proud of it!”

Your signature wont help much either.

do you have and talents with the game engine, modeling, textering etc.

You guys are great. Actually, I may be a noob to Blender but as a project manager and marketer, I have 20 years of experience. I am teaching myself Blender and other things so I become more familiar with the art. I have always liked it but now it is time to turn my other talents into something that will leverage others (with talents beyond my own and I see a lot of talent here on Blender Artists) toward reaching a common goal, a new planet for Entropia.

The Planet Concept is on Google Docs. If you want to see it, send me a PM.

Welcome in the indiegame-developers world there you must be good in something about making a game before you asking for a team. The folks here don´t use to spend time to a “n00b-project”.
In your world, maybe your teammates get paid, and that the diffrent between this side of the world, and yours.
but good luck out there.

Thanks to all that have indicated an interest in this project so far.

Ok guys this seems really odd doesn’t it, and i know what your thinking, but look at it this way we are all used to having people on the inside asking for help correct, but now we have someone trying to recruit for a serious project and we are blowing him off.
The problem here is we are not used to being taken seriously by outsiders so I ask you to send him a pm and look at the concept it is a lot more complex than you think.

i second gamerboi

Then why doesnt he post the work on this thread?

Otherwise he just appears as some kind of noob, the kind that are around here all to often. The best way to get a good impression is to show off some work, so people know the level its at and what theyd be getting themselves into.

Yeah post some info in thread. Or is it “top secret” stuff xD

Gamerboi is absolutely right. Another thing to realize is that while flapman may be new to blender apparently he has other valuable experience in organization. He WASN’T telling us that he wanted to be lead artists or something. He was asking for people to join his team.

Sometimes knowledge of how to coordinate projects matters more than knowledge of blender (I know it shocks me too). Particularly if other people are going to be doing the bulk of the artistic stuff anyway.

Ok to all those interested here it is.
We are developing for an already existing sci-fi mmo called entropia universe, we will be developing a new planet and everything on it .
We make money when people buy things from our planet.
All I’ll say about the concept is that it is going to have a post modern look.
I won’t go into payment but if you wanna find out just ask flapman.
I hope this has answered some of your question.

gamerboi, are you talking about the entropia from www dot entropiauniverse dot com slash index dot var

Entroipa universe! O.o So just a question, if you make money in the game you can turn that money into real money…that is a weird thought…so people could rob people in the game…a new 9/11 in the game…hmmm…cool…but that is too much work…:spin:

EDIT: After some thinking…could this project turn into the matrix in year 2334???

If you mean Entropia universe home of 750,000 users and developed by Mindark then yes
I’m not sure but i think this planet will run using the sandbox cryengine from crytek (crysis engine).

So you and flapman are making your own planet in a new virtual universe?
You are trying to construct the matrix in order to control every human being in this universe.

So you guys are trying to become gods…

Cool I wanna be a god too…the question is why and how, and where is the concept art you are talking about?:confused: