Looking for tips and tricks on doing rounded airplane wings

I am looking for some advice on doing smooth airplane tails and wings so they are rounded and smooth. my airplane tails alway seem to have sharp edges. also what is the best way to smooth faces?

Hope someone here will be able to help me on this one :slight_smile:

You might try in edit mode to use the SetSmooth button. I’ve used it when I create my airplane wings. If that doesn’t give you the effect you want, the try SubSurf. If you’re wondering how to use those, then check out the Blender Manual or do a search for “Set Smooth” and “SubSurf” here in Elysiun. I’ll go check some of my previous models to see what I did. I really just messed around…

Hope this helps!


Check these tutorials out.
To go to the next page in the mig3 tutorial
just change the url to…Chap002.htm, Chap003.htm