Looking for tips for modeling a Castle Exterior

Hi everyone,

I’m seriously considering to start a larger project in Blender: a gothic castle/cathedral exterior. As this will take a lot of time, I’d like to ask for your advice on do’s and don’ts for a project like this before I get started. I would like to avoid realizing that I took a wrong turn somewhere when I’m 50 hours into the project and having to discard it. I intend to use it in a Unity game as a playable level. There will be no moving parts, aside from doors opening and closing. Just plain old meshes and textures.

From tutorials on architecture modeling on YouTube, so far I got these tips:

  • I’ve collected reference images, lots of them
  • Got a blueprint (bird’s eye view) ready
  • I will try to subdivide the whole building into smaller individual objects for easier texturing and managment. Also, Unity likes a multitude of smaller meshes better than one big thing in terms of performance.
  • I’ll try to modularize the building and reuse modules.
  • I’ll try to keep the geometry clean from the get go. Considering that gothic architecture is all about pointy arches, this is going to be challenging.

Do you have any further advice for this project? Especially things like “Do (or don’t do) X or you’ll be screwed later”? Any tips regarding blender add-ons that might help? I’m especially worried about the pointed arches, I’ll need a lot of them, in different sizes…

Hi, I just have one tip for you. Watch this


I already watched this tutorial a while ago, and just re-watched it now as a refresher. Some good stuff in there!