Looking for tips on how to create a colourful glossy material effect

Hi, people! I am a student working on an industrial design project for my final year of highschool and for my university portfolio, and am planning to create a blender model for my presentation. I’ve used blender for one project before and have some experience in modeling, however I need some tips on how to create a material with a glossy metal texture which radiates of several different colours in no particular order, similar to the surface of this bismuth crystal in the picture below but slightly less brightly coloured. Any tips on which nodes to use to create a similar-looking material and how to link them will be appreciated, or perhaps you could point me to a tutorial dealing with a similar effect. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Perhaps make it very reflective, use a groovy colorful texture for the environment map, and render it on a white background? I think Bismuth is iridescent similarly to nacre, I once tried that without much success.