looking for topology feedback on a low poly gun

Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post, I figured the other sub-sections in this forum was for more serious pieces. This however is just for fun as I’m doing timelapses. I feel the topology is okay but I wanted to get some feed back on what others think and ways things could be better with such a shape. Here I have a high poly render(SubSurf) and low poly render I did along with the wireframe. I tried to get a decent view of everything I could, sorry for not getting any angle shots. The reference I used was just to give me a shape to work with and I added a few things to it like that gizmo thing atop the gun. I’m working my way up to becoming a 3d weapon artist if that makes any sense. Anyways let me know your thoughts on this please as I want to improve and produce quality game assets and renders. Also yes I know I could have added more detail, I just wanted a nice shape first and good flow before I moved on.