looking for tree modeling software (yes i said tree not free).

Hi folks I’m working on a scene that is going to encorperate a few trees . I’m natuarly lazy and am wondering what FREE tree generators/modeling software you folks have used aside from blenders sapling tool thingy? … .,.there seems to be a lot out there?!

Also apparently unity has a built in tree generator… …can these be used in blender?

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An overview is available on Plant Software Tools
There’s also free TreeSketch app for iPad…

Sadly TreeSketch is not longer available on iOS. The developer left school and abandon it. It was no longer compatible with iOS 8 and removed form the store. A post on cgtalk indicates it works on iOS9 if you still have a copy of the app around. I am unable to find a back up copy of mine. Wish I still had it.

Ah, was bound to happen after graduation…
Sorry, can’t help you.

easy tree generator , free edition - russia server ( but working ) ( wait few seconds download windows pop up ) http://m.softplaneta.ru/dl102996

3d coat tree generator

tree it http://www.evolved-software.com/treeit/treeit

If you just want decent tree art (not geometry) which can be applied as graphic + alpha to single polys, Photoshop CC can do that:

Filter > Render > Tree.

This is a few months old, but for those of you reading this to find the generator for you…