Looking for tutorials to start learning to Blend

Hi all,

I’m looking for good tutorials to teach me how to use Blender and make 3D Models, and perhaps the advanced features such as animating, games, etc. as well. I’m looking for free tutorialss btw.

I searched around the net but couldn’t find something which seemed good. There used to be a free set of videos on CGCookie, but now some are pay2watch. Also I don’t mind using blender 2.5 tutorials, as long as they get shoes on my feet and running, :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.


Note to mods: Sorry if this is a double post, though I searched for other similar posts and couldn’t find any; so I went ahead and made a new post.

There used to be a free set of videos on CGCookie
Look at top of this forum under ‘NEW TO BLENDER’. There are still huge number of free tutorials there, just look.



Hi Richard,

Thank you for taking the time to compile a list for me and reply! :slight_smile:

I had found gryllus and was watching his videoes. Do you know any other tuts similar to that of gryllus and cgcookie? Ah, btw thanks for the link to the youtube tut, I hadn’t found that one before, once I know how to move around the box I’ll be sure to watch each vid.

Thanks again.

This playlist has made me much more comfortable with Blender than any other:

Thanks Nate, will be sure to check it out. :slight_smile: