i’m looking for tutorials on the new particle hair system and the new liquid system. can anyone help me please?

These might help



it keeps writing: no fluid object in scene aborted. what does that mean? and what should i put in the folder window? i dont understand

To have the fluid simulation work, you’ll need more than one object. Open blender, and in the default scene select the default cube, enable the fluid simulation and then click Domain. This makes the bounding box of your cube the limits of the simulations: your fluid can’t go outside this. If you click bake now, you’ll get the error you mentioned before, because now you don’t have any object to act as fluids. Create an Icosphere and resize it so that it can stay INSIDE your cube. This will generate your fluid. As before, with the sphere selected enabled the fluid simulation and this time click on Fluid.

During baking, blender creates many files, two for each frame, with the extension .bobj.gz. In the folder box, you must set the directory where you want blender to generate these, and the prefix of the files. EX: if in there you write “C:\BlenderFluidSims estsim_”, blender will name the files “testsim_preview_0001.bobj.gz”, “testsim_final_0001.bobj.gz”, “testsim_preview_0002.bobj.gz” and so on, and will place them in the “C:\BlenderFluidSims” directory.

Now you can press the BAKE button and wait for blender to finish the calculation.

Hope it helps.