Looking for two scripts, join and delete by name

Greetings, I will be very glad if someone prompts a couple of scripts, one for connecting objects with the specified names (for example, the object “head” to unite with the object “hair”) and the second script to delete objects with names (remove the object “head” and obekt “hair”)
on the forum I found a script from batFINGER

import bpy

def del_myitems(scene):
    #scene = context.scene
    myitems = [o for o in scene.objects if o.name.startswith("MyItem")]
    for ob in myitems:
        ob.use_fake_user = False
        if ob.users == 0:
#test call del_myitems(bpy.context.scene)

As I understand it, it is suitable for deleting objects, but is it possible to specify several specific names of objects in it?
Thank you in advance for your cooperation