Looking for two wonderful talented Animators with a good attitude


My team and I are making an animation film. We are in post production right now. This is strictly volunteer work, we do however plan to sell this animation to the public any and all finances that are made will be shared among the team members. ATTITUDE is everything in our team, if you have a bad attitude we don’t need your help. However if you have a good attitude and are creative/talented we would love to have you come join the team. We use poser pro and many other software utilities. So don’t worry about having the correct software we use blender as well. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


          EZ 3D Graphics

Hi! :slight_smile:
You said you are post producing. Do you still need someone with some animation skills (I´m not sure I´m a wonderfull animator)?. If that´s the case I may be interested in collaborating with you . I´d like to know some specifications about your project.

ok well basically it’s an animation film about super hero who goes through many trials this film the hero doesn’t always win
it’s going to be more realistic the production work is moving kinda slow right now because my team is also busy with their own stuff
but we’ve got a story written I’m still waiting on my co-writer to produce the other stuff. if you have any animation samples I can look at like on youtube or something like that then I would like to see them :slight_smile: