Looking for Unity Developer to help build Research Tool

Hey All,

First and Foremost - Looking for Unity/Blender Dev, strong familiarity with Shape keys and moving models successfully from Blender to Unity. Remote Paid work.

Details: I’m a graduate student working in a lab that studies visual neuroscience. I’ve been working with a Blender Artist to create animations of models of rhesus macaques doing monkey stuff (Grooming, chasing, fighting), and now I want to move those models into Unity. The needs are as follows:

  1. Getting my single model w/ many base animations into Unity.
  2. Putting Hair/Skin on models (they have a texture now, but it could be better). References provided.
  3. Laying out a 1 - 3 “Scenes” in the unity scene (i.e. using free Assets off the Unity store to make an environment).
  4. Putting two/one monkeys in the scene, and lining up the 2 body animations as to correctly recreate what is in Blender.
  5. Writing a script which allows for manipulating of Shape keys (created in blender) in Unity (Shape keys are used to make the monkey look different, thinner/larger ears/etc)
  6. Writing a brief C# Script to interact w/ a USB DAQ (Data Acquisition device), basically sending a pulse on certain conditions.

I’m looking for someone who feel comfortable giving a quote up front for all the work, can break things down and document them well, and is willing to explain their approach, I have a tiny bit of Unity experience and want to know how things are put together in this project.

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like more details or have questions.