Looking for upgrade advice.

I have two rigs I use for Blender.
One is a Mac Mini with a I7-3720QM and 8 gig of RAM (primary blending device)
The other a 1090T with 8 gig of RAM (overnight work horse for extended rendering)

When I run the BMW bench I turn in times of 02:20.07 on the Mac and 03:46.96 on the PC.

As I was digging through the spread sheet for the BMW bench I noticed that most of the 1090t scores were much slower than mine under Windows by 1 to 2 minutes. The reason I am pointing this out is because I am looking to upgrade the PC box and can not decide if I want to get a new CPU, MB combo or spend the same amount on a new video card.

I am currently running a HD6870 that I can not render from and with a relatively firm budget of $250ish my options are admittedly limited. I know I can get a 3gb 660ti for $255 but for $265 I can pick a FX 8350 / ASUS mobo combo. Or I could save a few buck and combo with a Gigabyte mobo and gain extra GPU scaling for the future.

So the question is whether it is worth buying a 660ti to get the PC rendering on GPU marginally faster than the Mac on CPU? I am basing this on the Tom’s Hardware benchmark of the 660ti using the BMW bench and coming in at 116 seconds compared to my Mac at 140 seconds. Or should I just upgrade the core of the PC and keep rolling like I have been?

Thanks for the move and sorry for posting in error.

Hey if you want a 3GB 660 ti, this one a newegg caught my eye. With the rebate and 10% off code (expires 9/18), it costs $200. The free batman game, that comes as a gift, is selling on ebay for $25-30, so that gets the cost of the card under $180 shipped.


Hi, the BMW spread sheet is old and a bit confused, the file use some CPU time for mesh building and compositing.
User used different Blender versions and tile settings and some results are really unbelievable. :slight_smile:
If you like you can try my benchmark file: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?303832-New-Cycles-Benchmark
The file was made for GPU rendering and you may change the tile setting to smaller values because it is better for CPU.
On the last page are results for actual GPU.
A GTX 660Ti should be much faster than your mobile i7.

Cheers, mib.

Sweet, thanks mib.