Looking for VFX artist for ambitious fly sequences in Stephen King adaptation

Hey guys,

My name is Jamie Anderson and I am the director of The Death of Jack Hamilton, a screen adaptation of the Stephen King short story of the same name. I’m posting as there are two particularly ambitious scenes in our film that require extensive CGI and we’re looking for help to get them completed.

The film follows John Dillinger, Homer Van Meter and Jack ‘Red’ Hamilton after their narrow escape from Little Bohemia. In the midst of a chaotic shootout with federal agents, Hamilton is shot in the lung. As the gang seeks medical attention for Hamilton, he slowly succumbs to gangrene and dementia.

Below is our first trailer (apologies for the poor grading, this was prior to us securing a colourist):


Okay, I’m gonna jump right into after what we’re after as it’s gonna sound ridiculous. Basically, the most iconic part of the novel (and indeed the film) involves Homer Van Meter lassoing a fly with a piece of white thread. We are looking for a talented CGI/VFX artist to help us with these scenes and ensure that they achieve the visual potency that we desire. We utilised practical effects through puppeteering techniques for the interior scene and wish to utilise solely CGI for the exterior scene, however we lack the expertise required to achieve our ambitions for these sequences. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping us out?

The majority of these two scenes rely on the reactions/expressions of the central characters, but we’d be looking to utilise three or four wider shots (with a swarm of flies in frame) and two CU shots (of the fly on the string) to hit the point home. I’m really looking for someone to come on board to do the 3d modelling and compositing for the scene. There would be around 6/7 quick shots over two scenes that would need work.

Sadly, due to our extremely restricted budget, we cannot afford to offer payment for this. However, we can of course offer a VFX credit on the IMDB page and final film, a DVD copy of the final film and a link to the online screener.

If you’re interested then please either drop me a message on here or via email at [email protected].