Looking for voice over indian female (Indian language)

Hello! I need to create voice over some script for my project. I’m not looking for studio quiality. But it’s must be good quality. (Not cellphone, or cheap mic).
I need female voice 30-80 ages. (Better if old voice). If i will accept your quality and level, i will ask some more for work later (I’ll need to some act voice too later).
I Don’t have much budget for that, but script not so big. I think it will be 50-60 secs (not more). Need to read legend. And… whole script need to only Indian language.
(script on english) Hope u can translite it on Indian.
More importantm it’s a not just read legend. Need record it like, act legend voice. Please provide me your examples or portfolio. Hope i can choose.

I know an Indian lady who can help translate and provide voice. About 40 years old. But she has no experience with this sort of thing. I could ask her to make a sample voice. Approximately what is the budget?