Looking for volunteers, 2 female voices early 20s and late 20s and 1 male early late 20s-early30s

(phsycotater360) #1

Hello all I’m Will and I have been working on an animated series for about 2 years now. I have character models done for most of the main characters, as well as most of the environments for the first episode. I have a small team of 3D modelers and riggers as well as myself the director, and one of the modelers, as well as a voice actor. For the first episode I have the main female lead Kelynda Rosesinger, she is a kind young woman who on the surface is kind cute, and caring. Though she also has a past of less than legal things, she is an elf as well as a healer, though she still has some tricks from her days of crime. She likes to joke once she get’s to know a person, though she is very shy at first (I guess that’s what I meant by cute). Next up is Alvilda Stormclaw ( be warned she is a supporting character so she may not be long term) Alvilda is a young yet experienced woman who has seen her days of combat but wishes to settle down in a small town with her husband Rhaldor Stormclaw, she and he had done just that and had a child together soon after their days of adventuring together. She was a captain of the guard and was known as a bit of a hometown legend. She now runs an inn which she enjoys. She is passionate and caring about her family, but is not by any means a mild quiet woman, she has and will fight to defend what she cares for. Rhaldor is the father of the main character Thaordir (Tha-or-deer) and was a scout for a massive army during another time of turbulence in the world. He (much like his wife) is a bit of a local hero, though they are not quite world renowned they are popular with locals that have problems. He is not an overly violent or angry man, but he will defend what he cares for. He is a battled hardened veteran who’s only real soft spot is for his wife, but he is simply stern and gruff not quite angry or mean, he just is used to giving or taking orders versus requests. (his voice type is similar to bardock from dragon ball z in my mind) if you have any questions or would like to audition my email is [email protected] once there I can invite you to our discord, and later, once I have it running fully my website for the series. Thank you for your time!