looking for weapons modeler..

hey all,
im currently working on an fps based game and am looking for a modeler who can make guns such as pistols rifles ect.
if you wish to contact me about the offer then please email me at [email protected] or simply pm me
thankyou, chaotic_dragon (chris)…
sorry i accidentally sent out 3 posts im only new to these forums…

  1. wrong forum
  2. you’ve shown us no content
  3. you’re probably going to get flamed a lot, so grab some water
  1. No need to post the same thread THRICE

try www.turbosquid.com

CW: Actually, that should be FOURTH…CE! he posted a similar thread further down the page.


yeah i know but i didnt mean 2 i thought i made a mistake cause it didnt show up but then i found it and i had already posted the other 2