looking for website artist?

im not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I’m a website designer and im planning on making an online game,like this… ogame.org, if anyones interested in making the artwork for the website(we will probably need more then one person) you can Instant Message me on AIM at chrisx16x2008, on e-mail on yahoo at chrisx16x2008[at]yahoo.com or post a reply on here. I’m also looking for people who can write HTML, CSS, javascript, MYSQL, and PHP, oh and no i am not looking for people to make the entire site and then me take the credit, I will actually probably be doing most the work on it.(i know this ain’t the right kind of forum to post about coding, i just thought i would add it just in case.)

-i forgot to add one more thing all artist and coders will be Webmasters on the site.

If this ain’t the right forum to post about artist recruitment moderators please move it.

i would repost this in the off topic place… this is for Works in progress…like models…

alright sry bout tht