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Hi, everyone,
I am software in shanghai china, with 10 years experience of software developments, and nearly 20 years of table tennis training.

I have a idea when i was in college, that i want to create a real table tennis game, with real physics and real skills and tactics mode, the available game is so easy and foolish. i want to create a table tennis version of winning eleven soccer game, enable table tennis fans enjoy the fun of table tennis in front of computer.

to achieve my dream, i have been studied several years, including develop physics calculation model, 3d engine, 3d modeling, till now, i think i have finished the two of them, my major in college is physics, the physics mode is now just
perfect, i am a advanced software engineer and i can get through open 3d engine source code, the exception i think i just can’t handle perfectly is 3d modeling and animation, i have studied blender for nearly one year, i can model basic things now, but i know i have no art background, the ideal sportsman animation effect is far beyond my ability.

So i think i really need a partner, a professional 3d artist like software and table tennis professional like me,

I know maybe very few will be interested in my post, but i have to write to help…, because i have keep my dream moving up…

wat u exactly need?

what do u have already (in terms of models/animations) ?

well, I would not show any players at all, instead I would only show the paddle, and I would use a Wi-mote a phone etc and use the dead reckoning to “place” the paddle in the scene,

I can rig it in minutes accept the wi mote, that may take a hour to dig around,

so it can be lightning fast,

I can rig a armature to “swing” based on mouse keyboard etc, but it seems like it could not be as fun as the real thing,

after you get it perfect, then I would rig people and put them in, and use the paddle as a IK rot and loc target,

Thanks for reply,
I have built a basic scene with blender, and finished the source code regarding with ball physics,
now i have a demo and test program, the next step i need to do is i need make player animation which is key to the game fun.

if i want to do a table tennis game only with racket and ball, that should be mush simple, witch is not my goal,
the final effect i want to expect is the match should be very real and enjoyable, just like a real game you watch in TV or youtube.

when i finished table tennis, i will extend this game to tennis very fast, the current framework of source code is kept possible for that.

I would upload my demo program in another post.

test program of table tennis.
press ECS can adjust camera view or stop adjust.

tt.zip (1.52 MB)

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