looking some people to work with


I am such experienced computer musician from Finland and
also learning blender+video editing now. I am looking some
people to work with , for non commercial projects, just to create
some cool animations, little movies etc. Idea would be
to render scenes, and then add them together with video editing, and
then obbiously add there music and soundeffects.
I am just very bored now to only make music, and also learning blender myself, and almost desperately wishing to work with some nice people,
just becouse I love visual effects etc so much.
You can listen some of my work at my site. www.beatfactory.fi
Also, if you have some nice anim you need sound/music , I might
do it at this point for free, if the project is something I like.

Do not hesitate, but do contact if you could be interesetd about such a projects.

ps: I tried to look correct subforum to post this, but I didnt find, or then I am

to animate a blender piece you don’t have to use video editing, there are a few different ways to do it inside blender…may i suggest buying the 2.33 book?..


Are you interested in environmental stuff at all?

I’m pulling a project together… it will be commercial, but ethically sound.

And I’m nice to work with!