Looking to achieve that flat 2d cel look


I’m looking to achieve a very flat 2d cel look using Free style and the toon shader. Kinda hand drawn if you will. I thought I’d made it; figuring I can dump Carrara’s renderer in the process, by unchecking the ‘ray tracing’ under the render/shading tab.

Anyway, I was comparing my old Carrara image, and it still seems a liitle more cartoon/2dish.

I’ve done a search and I am going through years of posts on the Freestyle stread.

If any of the Render gods can assist that would be greatly appreciated. Not for animation by still images for a comic.

Did a lot of playing around with various settings and what not…

The following is the render using Carrara pro 6 (yup old).

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Getting closer…

… seems I have to go with flat textures. Sort of a pre-render thing.