looking to be insulted about soft bodies

…there’s a joke in there somewhere…

ciao, kids!
just got done playing with the soft body tutorial…


…pretty cool BUT whenever the plane falls on the cube, the cube’s angles poke through! adjusting the cube’s deflection resolves the poking-through but then the plane doesn’t hug the cube. it remains like puffy around the cube. am i explaining myself? are screenshots necessary?

okay, i’m ready for the “do this, moron” replies! :smiley:

Try using an invisible (I think it has to be on the same layer to work so you can’t hide it that way) cube slightly larger than the one you’re using.


Maybe you should subdivide the plane a bit more.
But not too much cause it might make it harder to calculate the soft body.
(moron :] )

Fligh, that’s very interesting. so it’s not just me forgetting to “flip a switch” somewhere. you’re saying i need a workaround. hmmm.

so i need to texture my invisible slightly-larger cube invisible, making it the deflector.

wonderful example of lateral thinking! thanks!

HAHAHAHA!!! nice try, but i subdivided the plane like 8 or 10 times, thinking “oh, maybe there’re not enough quads here.” i even subdivided the cube twice just for good luck!

at least you added the “moron” part! :wink: