Looking to build a Future Development Game Deisgn Team.

I am looking to build a small team of developers in a what I call “FDGDT - Future Development Game Design Team”.

We will collaborate, and communicate often to work and plan games and game ideas, so as long as you feel you are good at what you do, can work with others well, generally creative, and like to come up with ideas, and develop, then I am interested in collaborating with you! =)

I am a 17 year old general programmer from Canada. I know many languages, though I would say my top 2 are Java, and C++.

I understand most development, so application isnt hard for me to do, as long as I know what I need to do.

I also have skills in graphic design (logos and UI’s and stuff like that, cant draw), and music production, and mainly 3D animation.

Though I can do other things, but not fully skilled in, such as 3D modeling, 2D animation, sound effects, and concepts.

Generally, I am looking for people to collaborate with.

I am looking for a few people, anyone that is good at any of the following:

General Game Design/Sales Expert (Game Designer/Marketer)

General Programming (Programmer)

Concept Writing (Writer)

General Game Play (Good Gamer)

Concept Artwork (Artist)

Other Roles

3D modeler/animator

Sound/Music producer

Game Designer/Marketer

  • When collaborating, generally, listen to the ideas (and feel free to share your own ofcourse), providing your best professional thoughts on how this will all go down, and keep everything to a “realistic” level.

  • Come up with some basic designs on how it might look, or how it should be implemented/coded - this can be a simple text document, or a image or small animation or some sort.


  • When collaborating, write down concepts, quick dot-jot notes on what is being talked about, for stuff to try out later.

  • Create quick little samples/examples or prototypes of your ideas and what was talked about, to see how it might look - nothing complicated, doesnt even have to look good, as long as it works.


  • Write down everything being talked about in dot-job notes form, after, try and organize it best you can.

  • Help keep everything organized throughout the process.

Good Gamer

  • Once a prototype/example is complete, help put it through a “trial”, see, if it was implemented in a final product, how might it play out? How might we make it better? And generally provide feedback as a gamer.

  • Contribute ideas to the whole process, and try and help with the organization where you can.


  • Write down some notes of whats talked about.

  • Draw up some quick rough sketches of concepts and ideas that we talk about and of your own.

You can reach me in a few ways.

Skype: Dibbie1337 (best form of contact)

Email: [email protected]

This topic (or a private message)

The idea is that the team will be congregated on Skype, and we would all be able to communicate through there, in a group.

Also, as I said with my introduction, you dont have to be a super professional, as long as you can actually do the job, and you feel your at least good at it.