Looking to build a game team

I’m in need of some riggers and animators, modelers and particle FX designers would be a great help as well, because while I’m capable of modeling, I don’t have years of free time, (nor do you, but if we work together, it should go over well. :slight_smile:)

I’m sure I missed something, but just know, if it involves modeling, you’re gonna be a valuable asset. I have a discord, so I’ll give you a link if you’re interested.

Current progress has 3 character models done, 1 mostly done, and 3 weapons models done.

I merely expect others to model medium-poly characters (20k faces and below) of the same quality as mine. (which, after seeing my character models, won’t be too hard.)
If you’re good at rigging and/or animating, then you’ll be an EVEN MORE valuable asset to the team.

Anyone that wonders what the game(s) may be, they’ll all be in the action category, so, as you may suspect, our need for 3D talent is great, and while achievable, not at all timely in small numbers. So, with a can-do attitude and a few extra pairs of hands, I have good faith in our success!

thanks for reading this far! make sure to PM me to learn more.

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Probably you’re better off posting some information actually about the game, where is it so far and what you expect from others.

well . i was looking for a game team
so it would be nice .

excellent, send me a PM of some form so we can begin… the discussion…

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what does PM means ?
sorry i am from algeria and i dont know english very well

private message

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Private message, sorry for the extremely late response. :sweat_smile: