Looking to buy a laptop for Linux and Blender

Hi, I am planning to buy a laptop for the occasional use of Blender when I’m not at my main computer. I don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds on it but I’d like it to be usable for Blender and also support Linux (preferable Linux Mint).

If anyone knows good specific laptops I’m all ears, if you could offer some advice other than specific machines such as what CPU/GPU I’d like to hear it too.

I’ll be spending a LOT of money on upgrading my main computer, this laptop needs to be cheap (but not too cheap that I wouldn’t be able to use Blender.)


Hi, posting from a medion dual core T4200 @ 2.00GHz with intel i965 graphics chip with 4 GB on opensuse 12.3/64.
It cost about 400 euro.
Blender is usable but because of integrated graphic slow on 3dview and not a rendering system too. :slight_smile:
Buy one with a separate GPU and small i5 and you can work, i prefer nvidia for linux because of better linux drivers and even using cycles on GPU.

Cheers, mib.

i buy samsung with i5 and GT620M(bit faster then i5) and 6 gigs of ram 500HDD pretty good and cheap. that was one year ago.

My personal favorite for workstation laptops is the dell precision series. There are two types, the 4000 series and the 6000 series. The difference between the two is size and weight. A lot of trade schools buy these for their students, programming students often go for the 4400 like precisions.

That said you can probably find them used for around $300-$600. When I purchased my dell precision new it was closer to $2000 (came with nvidia quadro), so the markdown on used is pretty big.

The other laptop i would consider is the fujitsu lifebook series. These actually have built in wacom components and can be converted over into a cintiq like tablet pc. I have seen these go for cheap used as well.

Now those are kind of outdated in terms of hardware, and theres always a risk when buying used…

In that case the best bang for your buck is the Lenovo g780 Metal<<<<(i5 2.64hgz, 6 gigs of ram, 2gig nvidia geforce gpu…ect) which cost $599 right now on newegg (or costco). It covers your gpu rendering whether for cycles or real time, the cpu is strong enough handle most workloads and it has quite a bit of RAM for a laptop. It wouldnt be a problem dual booting this with both linux and windows OS.

This is probably going to be the cheapest new laptop you can find that will hit those requirements for being a good mobile workstation.

Im no expert with blender but i use other cad/3d programs for a living so i would say squeeze as much Ram as you can get from your money as speed is everything when it comes to motion graphics.:RocknRoll:

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