Looking to chat and brainstorm on some ideas

Hey Guys!

I’m new to this site but I have been a blender user for about 2+ years. Sadly, my skills are not that great. What I am looking for is other people who doesn’t really mind chatting, talking, and sharing ideas. As well as tips and tricks. I found that doing it alone most of the time makes me lose interest really quickly. Or I get to a point where I get super irritated at how the model is coming out that I would drop it entirely.

I would really love to speak to others and perhaps do a small project to not only get me motivated, but inspire me to get way better than I am now.

If you’re interested in talking/brainstorm or if you want to tell me I made this post wrong in every possible sense of the word, feel free to shoot me a message.

Thanks for listening!

You can always start WIP thread here, or maybe on some Facebook blender site. I think people likes to read such threads and comment them.

There’s a Blender Discord

And mIRC on freenode under #blenderchat #blender. KiwiIRC is a browser based client if you wanna try.

Think I will give that a shot.