Looking to develop team

Hey I’'m a filmmaker and am currently going to school for a degree in screenwriting. I’m a writer and director and a recent blender. What I’m looking for is a person or persons who want to build up their portfolios, and ultimately create amazing work together in the long term.

Currently I have a team of talented production designers and cinematographers and have a producer that helps me procure the budgets for my short films (which aren’t extravagant but neither are they very small).

If you’d be interested in working to create a kick ass VFX team with me, please message me. Right now I’m looking for people more interested in creating art and becoming great than those interested in money, but payment is in the cards in the future.

Hope to hear from many talented designers!

Hello I would like to help in this endeavor please add me to the list.

Hi !:slight_smile:
what kind of short film do you want to develop?

Hi. I’d be interested. I do a lot of VFX work for stock videos. As long as the productions are somewhat professional and taken seriously I’m happy to help out :slight_smile:
I’ll PM you