Looking to get hair made using the particle system commissioned

Hi, I am looking to get hair made based off of Lightning from the Final Fantasy series

for reference, here is what the hair looks like:

I attempted this myself, but trying to make complicated hair on the first day you just found out how to do it in the first place is impossible, hahaha. Please show me your past hair particle work, and tell me your asking price for this job. If im happy with the work done, i might ask you for more hair commissions in the future before asking publicly to, if that’s ok with you.

Thank you very much!

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Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

I didnt expect to actually receive replies, or to get them this quickly to. Please give me time to check these out, I am not sure who to go with yet, sorry, i’ll respond through pm’s as soon as i’m ready, thank you all though.


i have found someone to do the work, i cant respond to every private message since it was so many, but thank you all very much for the responses

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