Looking to have an existing model textured and key animated for display on the web using three.js

I am part of a team that is bringing a small physical product to market that blends digital with old-school analog. It’s basically a Rolodex with a few dozen images. The model exists of course, but we would like an animation of it rotating along with the ability to display it on our site using three.js and swap out the texture with one we generate using a series of pre-selected images.

After some discovery on my end I realized that it’s certainly doable, but I don’t have the hubris to think I can figure it out myself in time so I figured I would turn here. I am happy to jump on a quick screenshare with anyone and show them what we’d like to accomplish.

This is something we would like to get done in the next couple weeks so if you’re availability is out passed that, it probably wouldn’t work out.

Hello this is my portifolio…


Contact: [email protected]

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