Looking to hire a pro to guide me to make animation

I am learning blender animation, hoping to find someone who has the experienced skills to teach me online, we can share the screen to communicate and you can guide me through the procedures. My final goal is to make the animation linked below

I would like to pay good tutor fee for the right one, and my time is best at night 9pm to 11pm EDT and there is no deadline.

Please contact me at [email protected] if interest. Thank you very much!

Here is a list of Blender Certified trainers. This is a good place to find a tutor.

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I’m tempted to say the animation of the parts I glimpsed isn’t very complex. Personally I’d have more trouble making/gathering all the map/battle related assets and lighting/shading them to look good.

my problem is to make the true terrain from the GIS DEM data, if interested, please contact in email and we can discuss the details, thanks

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