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I am at present trying to learn Blender. I have worked on a couple of online courses however found they were not for me.

Ideally what I would like to do is hire an online tutor to work through with me how to use the application and teach me the best practices. The idea being we would share screen and I would tell you what I was trying to achieve and you would guide me.

Try to answer the following questions in your post:

Type of project? Tutoring, basics of modelling/ animation
Company or individual? individual
What is the deadline? No deadline
What is the budget? I have no set budget but I was hoping to pay approximately $20 an hour.

If you are interested I’d love to see your portfolio. Also, I’m looking for someone who is fluent in English. Also please give me an idea of the time you would be available. I was thinking 5:00 - 6:00 GMT. A couple of days a week.

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Hi. Welcome to the Blender community. I sent you PM.

Hello, do you need a pro?
I’m know my way around blender, but i’m not a pro.
I’ll leave my portfolio in case you think i’m good enough for the job.

honestly having a pay tutor it wouldnt be my best choice if i was you, i am self taugh artist currently with lack of performance in my pc so i cant do wonderful stuff that i know to make, as many artist have done here, this is because i dont have money to buy such expensive new pc for that, and i would need to work harder for it :disappointed_relieved: if you see my artstation its very odd, i have done works but unfinished practically https://www.artstation.com/michaelbendavid but i certainly have experience in 3d art,and i give you an advice than you should still looking for tutorials and/or courses, you probably didnt find the best course that you were looking for, but i am sure there a lot of courses that you can find usefull if you try to seek deeper a little bit more tho… though as i need to gain some money i gonna offer to help you to known more about blender as far i known during this 2 years of using blender despite my problems :sweat_smile::wink:.

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just do what we all did … spent the first one year in geting an idea about blender and cg … then u will get a goal that u want to achive … after knowing what is your goal thing will become more easy … bec u will know wich tutorial u follow wich not … wich one will help u to get ur goal … and so on … sorry for my english … i hope u get an idea about what am saying


Hi there,I sent you a pm

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