Looking to Hire Someone To Assist in Design Spaceships for a Web/Series

Currently looking to hire a Artist/Designer to assist in creating Realistic 3D Advance Spaceship & Vehicles for a Sci Fi Series that I am Developing. This is a paid gig, please send your portfolio and Rates to my Email Below.

Alex Bright
[email protected]

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hello Mr.Alex i sent you an email please check it out!
Regards Chris.

Hello Alex

I would like to assist you, as an experience in this.
Email sent, do check

Very Best Regards

Hello sir,
I have sent you an email with sample work. Please check it out

No website, a gmail account, no portfolio, or any link to work done on the web.

For a company that will do a ‘production’, it gives us very little information.
I wish the mods would look at these posts more carefully, and demand some form of legality.

cheers if you’re legit though, and good luck on the production. Still… Give us some more info.

Hello @Adisoc007
Kindly check the Email sent from [email protected].

Regards, Rajeev

Ok since people want to know as I didn’t give much detail about me or the project…
I work production as a Freelancer in Orlando & Atlanta in Tv, Film, Commercials and Live Shows. I have a film Degree from Valencia College & The University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida.
The Project is a Sci Fi Series that I’ve been developing. What I am going to do once we are cleared from the epidemic is to shoot a 20 min proof of concept that will assist in getting eyes on the project. I need some space ships created for one scene I have linked Below the look book of the series that I have created. My project is copy-written, registered with the WGA and Library of congress. As well as I included links to my IMDB Page and my Directors Reel. If you have any questions you can email me at my email address.

The Returned - Look Book (Actors in the look book ARE NOT ATTACHED)
IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3916861/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_7
Director Reel - https://vimeo.com/221906680

I don’t have a Million Dollars nor thousands of Dollars which is why I came to blender as this is supposed to be a community of helpful people. Never have I ask for someone to work for free nor am I trying. Every dime that I have spent on this project has come out of my pocket and whom ever I do decided on hiring will be paid their rate.

I believe in this project and want someone that can not only complete what I am requiring but can see the potential and will want to come on board …

Alex Bright


HAHAHAHAHA Forgot the look book link…

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Check Below…
All you had to do was send me an email and I would have answered as well as sent you all the info you needed.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for all the added information.

It was not a hard critic towards you, but there has been quite a few work related requests in the past, that ended up as ‘just do the work for (almost) free and shut up it’s good for your portfolio’.
So when someone posts a work request that has only a gmail account, color me very skeptical. :wink:
Or battle scarred, as I have dealt with this more than I can count in my 3D career.

But if you’re going to do this with Blender, props to you and I wish you all the success in what seems a very ambitious production. There are some very smart cookies on this forum in various parts of the pipeline (I’ve done my fair share in that area myself), so I’m sure a lot of talent can be found here.
Good luck .:slight_smile:


edit: With all the quick advances in Unreal, a mixed pipeline would be a very interesting thing to look into. Or have a look at what Ian Hubert is doiing with Eevee in Blender.:wink:

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I have no idea what a mixed pipeline is…lol

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A mixed pipeline is simply put a production done with various kinds of software to finish a product.
That could be Painter & Blender, or something more elaborate like Houdini & Blender & Maya & Nuke & some kind of version and shot control for instance.
All linked together via various fileformats, scripting and ‘rulebooks’ for scene setup, file & prop naming etc. etc. :wink:


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Ahhhhh Got it…


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