Looking to hire tutor with extensive animation and rigging experience


I am looking for a tutor who can help me become familiar with more advanced techniques and concepts needed for high quality rigs and animations within blender. I have attached an example of a marketed game which demonstrates the style and caliber of animation for which I am ultimately aiming. The second half of video discusses some of the technical approaches the animation team used to create the animations within this game. They used Maya, and I am wondering if the same quality can be achieved in Blender? I am hoping to find someone who has achieved, or worked with a team to achieve, the same level of quality.

In short, looking for someone who is very skilled in stylized animations who can help me with advanced rigs, good deformations, smear frames, that kind of thing - and introduce me to the concepts that I am not yet familiar with that are involved in this quality of animation.

Preference for someone familiar with game engines. I am using Unity and certain Blender features do not translate into other software, ie bendy bones.

Try to answer the following questions in your post:

  1. What is the type of project? 3D game characters (stylized)
  2. Are you a company or individual? Individual
  3. What kind of designer are you looking for? Professional animator with experience in stylized characters
  4. What is the deadline? None.
  5. Description of the project. See video in description above.
  6. What is the budget? Please message for details.

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