Looking to improve fluid transfer to the box

Hi all,

I have a video for you to look at, I have made using blender and took inspiration from a rabit eating a cake and wanted to experiment with fluid transfer. here…

I have made a shapekey for the mouth to open, and the mouth has been seperated from the box ans is now its own object, the mouth is 2 faces around the opening…
I have added a obstacle to both the box and the mouth and the mouth has a lower value for better sticking

I have export animated mesh for all objects in the scene seems to make less gaps with fluid, and takes forever to calculate :frowning:

I have solved the shadow for the fluid on the pancakes in this video, and wanted to upload to youtube but calculate will take maybe an hour :frowning:

what i want is some help make it look better, the transferring fluid to the box and make it stick for longer and look better.
such as the top lip not having enough sauce.