Looking to improve this image, any feedback apreciated

Hey everyone! First time poster here! Happy to join this community :slight_smile:
This is a personal project I ve been working on and was looking to hear some of your thoughts on some things before calling it done and moving on.
How do you feel about the composition and colors of this image?
Do you think there would be a better color for the ground ?
What other color schemes would make the image more interesting while remaining in the same tone of soapiness?
The background is too empty, how could I make the background more intresting while still being aligned to the rest of the image in the overall message?
I dont know what to do with the bubblewands, the material feels to flat and out of place, how could I improve it?
I know I should add white foam all around for more realism but cant due to time constraints, i can only work with the bubbles.
Any ideas? Any help would be awesome thanks!

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First of all, this is a nice concept and you are already doing pretty well.

I think the ground’s color is fine, but I would experiment with making it look slightly reflective or wet, going with the bubbles theme. Maybe add some slight variation in the roughness or more wetness near the soap bars.

For the background, it could use a photo of a real sky, or maybe some carefully shaped volumetric clouds, as this would add some interesting variations. I would also add a gradient in the blue of the sky, making the upper left corner brighter to really show the sunny feeling of the image (and maybe also add a slight horizon gradient).

The wands are small plastic objects, so they may look good with a small amount of subsurface scattering. Also, I would try placing some small bubbles on them.

For the composition and color scheme, I feel it’s already pretty good, but if you want to try something else, What about making that main, tall bar of soap a different color? I would try making it maybe a light green, but do try different colors. That would attract the eye and really give a main area to focus on.

Finally, I would try some camera effects, starting with some depth of field. Maybe try it with some bubbles out of focus near the camera? Then, I would use the compositor and add some subtle glare to really show the bright, sunny aspect and some lens distortion (keep it barely noticeable).

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Thank you very much! Very helpful advice!
Im gonna implement all of this and will post the image again :slight_smile:

Added a more “realistic” (i know its not super real) kind of sky with a gradient to add to the sunny feel of the image, wetness on the ground, tweaked the wands material so its more like a vibrant plastic straw, and tweaked a bit of the overall brightness in post comp.
I tried dof but didn t feel comfortable with the effect cause to many details were getting lost

I think the new sky is great, the new image does feel sunnier and more vivid. I’m not quite sure if the wetness is doing it though, maybe it would look better if it didn’t darken the ground so much or maybe if the ground just had a more subtle, uniform reflection instead. Anyway, it’s all about trying stuff and what you envision, and the wetness pattern you have does work great if you are going for something a bit cartoony.

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It ended up looking like this
Thank you for all the tips and pointers :slight_smile:

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