Looking to make an RPG, but I need some programmers to help

Okay guys, I need help. Like I said, I’m story teller and modeler (I’m not the greatest, but I’m not bad). I’ve been developing the idea for a story since the summer before my 8th grade year, and I’m half-way through my Junior year in Highschool. It was going to be a series of novels…but then I realized it’d make a much better video game! Plus the flashdrive with most of the story on it was destroyed. So, I’ve gathered a couple artistic friends, and we’ve begun drawing up some concepts and further developing the ideas I’ve made up over the last couple years, and revamping the plot…but we’ve only learned how to make the game look pretty, not how to make it work. That’s why I need help from a programmer or two!

So far, here’s the crew line up and what we do:

Cida (me):

  • Modeler
  • Animator
  • Story/concepts
  • Music


  • Story/concepts
  • Concept Sketches
  • Music?


  • Concepts
  • Concept sketches

We need:

  • Another modeler
  • Programmer
  • Another Animator


Okay, so we’ve come up with some ideas that we think would make the game cool.

  • Open World
  • Side questlines
  • characters interact (like in Baldur’s Gate)
  • Two different Main Questlines from two very different people in two very different worlds (one sci fi, the other Fantasy). And these two questlines eventually tie in together to make one central story.
  • Horrific back-stories to help the “outcast” player connect with some characters

And here’s some major concepts you should know of before continuing reading:

  • Lichtim - An Angelic race of humanoids who follow a Theocratic Oligarchy. These beings tend to be very tall. There is a difference between male and female Lichtim. How ever, these differences are only general (there are some androgynous Lichtim, who share traits of both genders), and balance each other out. Female Lichtim general are born with wings and have higher agility, whilst males generally don’t have wings, and are almost always walking behemoths. How ever, despite these traits, they live under a highly oppressive government, who restricts the amount of technology its citizens can use. For example: a Lichtim soldier that’s a high rank may carry a laser rifle, but the average citizen hasn’t experienced electricity. This race DOES use SOME magic, but again, most civilians do not know that magic even exists. Their government does this so there is no chance of its people turning against it, and with a populace that dwarfs humanity, that’s a bit of an issue.
  • Dunklim - These people were once Lichtim, but after an act of cruelty by their God, Emperor Malik, these people appear to be demonically afflicted Lichtim. Sharing every other characteristic of the Lichtim, Dunklim are merely very pale, with claws and black eyes that have red pupils. Dunklim have been the Scapegoat of the Lichtim’s failing government, and have been hunted down. The way Lichtim officials and soldiers treat the Dunklim could easily be compared to how the Nazis treated the Jews. Not very kindly, to say the least.
  • The Guardians - the mere existence of Lichtim and Dunklim is maintained by the mere presence of each individual Guardian. There is a Guardian for every emotion, Life and Death, Sanity and Time
  • Guardian of Time - This Guardian is the Leader of the Guardians. At this, and all points of time, it is King Inrin, a stern and powerful leader. Obviously, he allows for Lichtim and Dunklim to percieve time. He knows all events that have happened from the beginning of the Lichtim, to the events that lead to their extinction.
  • Guardian of Sanity - This Guardian knows all thoughts. He allows for Lichtim and Dunklim to produce rational thought, and allows for them to remember and to think. He, despite all of this, is a bit of a jester.
  • Guardian of Hate/Rage - Without anger, one would accept more evil to enter their life and take control. This Guardian feeds off of Hate, anger, rage, and violence. But don’t think he’s just a hot-head, this character is a cold, calculating warrior.
  • Guardian of Love -War and hatred cannot last for ever, or else a peoples would die out. She allows for forgiveness, love, and peace among the Lichtim and Dunklim. She feeds off of affection.
  • Guardian of Sorrow - If one were to never know the darkness before dawn, he or she would also still allow for travesties against to go by unnoticed, doing nothing but allow for others to discriminate against them. They’d irrationally find a big stone to bash their oppressors head in with, rather than finding creative ways to deal with their issues. This Guardian feeds off of emotional pain. She is a quiet, introverted person.
  • Guardian of Joy - One needs to be relieved from their Anger and Sorrows, and needs to be able to truly enjoy Love. This guardian gives Lichtim and Dunklim the ability to feel joy, excitement, and happiness, which is what she also feeds off of.
  • Guardian of Life - (this Guardian is a major character that you’ll do quests with) She is the gateway between the Lichtim God and the Lichtim/Dunklim world. She, figuratively, is the womb of life. For every birth, she gains in power. She exists at every point a birth occurs. She also allows for Lichtim and Dunklim girls to virgin birth their first daughters three months after they turn 16.
  • Guardian of Death - (this is you) You are the gateway from the Lichtim and Dunklim world into the “loving” arms of your Lichtim creator. You feed on Death, and can consume souls, gaining the power of certain people who are very powerful. You are the failsafe, just incase every other Guardian decides to go evil. You can kill and consume their power. You exist at every point death occurs. The only other Guardians with such powers to do something to equivalent affect are the Guardians of Time (who can go back to before the evil occurred), and Sanity (who can just kill all of the evil Guardians, and pass on their memories of the Guardianships to a new Guardian).

A few Characters:

Samael Inrin:

[INDENT=2]Samael led a very simple life of a poor commoner. Despite his father being King Inrin, master of the Guardians and of Time, Samael lived the life of an orphan, to be raised by his older sister Neldaia and grow up with his brothers Ezekiel and Melchiah (these are working names). His father, how ever, wanted this to be so. Samael was to learn the hardships of the commoner, and to know to oppression his masters forced open him. Yet, as an act of the God Emperor Malik, he comes to know Princess Meredith, who becomes a life-long friend. Out of pride, his elder sister declines all offers from the Empress to live among the nobles. But as Samael grows older, he becomes more free-spirited than his soldier sister wishes, and instead of going to school, Samael enlists in the military and is place in the same Legion with Meredith, the Soulbearers. On his first mission, which is a special kind that’s called a Burn, he is greeted by the Guardian of Sanity, and told of his inheritance of the Guardianship of Death.

  • Let’s not forget that Samael (previously Talidith, and every so often I might refer to him as Talidith), is the kind of person that lives to do what is right. He is in no way self-interested, especially not as young warrior.
    -He is the embodiment of doing things because they’re the right thing, not because they look good. Samael is the kind of person who would defend someone no matter what the circumstances are, and he will put himself in danger for a stranger he feels for.[/INDENT]


[INDENT=2]Meredith is the Empress’ daughter. She is the embodiment of valor and righteousness, but is not so blinded by as to not see the troubles her mother is forcing upon her citizens. Meredith is next in line for the Guardianship of Life, and will forever be bound to Samael as his partner in affairs. Whether they lead a romantic life is up to them (er, the player). She is a kind, beautiful girl who strives to be respected.[/INDENT]

Maelen (
so far, she’s a favorite between Evan and I):
[INDENT=2]Maelen has lived a horrible life. She was born a Dunklim in a small town of Ravensstadt. All of her life, she’s been bullied and ostracized for her appearance. She’s constantly beaten by her Lichtim parents. They have even publicly humiliated her by forcing her into horrific clothes, forcing her to do embarrassing things and just constantly make her feel bad about herself. Her older sister died in a far off battle, leaving her older brother to do as he pleased with her. And he did…as he pleased. She was merely a toy with holes to plug, and a punching bag. He abused her physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. Maelen over the years developed a few mental issues, and a substance abuse addiction. The only person who she can count on is her sick, and dying little sister.

-As a character, we wanted to make her relatable to the so-called “outcasts”. The people who have been abused in countless ways and suffer in silence.
-As previously stated, Samael will help anyone in need. An event where this happens, is when he meets Maelen for the first time, and is ordered to murder her.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Lenya is a flat character. Although she’s merely alive in the game for a couple days game time after you meet her, her death makes a monumental effect on the already emotionally distraught Maelen, her older sister. The death of Lenya causes Maelen to latch onto the nearest person to give her any kind of kindness, which is your character, Samael.

Contact info:

Skype: Cida Sanctus
Email: [email protected]

do you have any work done yet besides story?

We’ve gotten some drawings done, but not a whole lot. After I finish the whole outline for the story, I’m going to start hounding the two concept artists (one of which is helping me with the story) to start drawing. So far, we’ve gotten about generic two characters drawn and a major character that’s introduced later on in the game. Though, I might start using MakeHuman to help get the ball rolling, but I’ll more likely just have every model made by the people on the project.

So basically you guys want to create a professional-looking game, which involves serious work. I’m guessing you’ll have a hard time finding members.

What type of animation? keyed? skeletal or translations? I can fire out some models, but at what poly level?
What is your target engine?

I’ll help out, I need the credits for my resume, but we need to lock down how much work this is, maybe focus on a demo with 8-12 npcs and the “Hero”? 2 small maps, 50 random drops and some puzzles?

Also after we get this thing in a can, I need some help with my project :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to make a professional looking game, just a fun one.

We’re planning on using either BGE or XNA. I don’t want high-poly characters, just enough to keep the graphics looking half-way decent. Please message either my Facebook page (Cidasanctus) or my Skype (Cida Sanctus) so I can answer more of your questions immediately.

is this mainly sci-fi or mainly fantasy or will the player choose depending on the story? i focus mainly on fantasy

Added you on facebook,

What will be the perspective of the camera?

I want to see concept this project is interesting.

I can’t message you on facebook unless you add me,
or at least that is the way it appears,
you can PM me :slight_smile:

Because I’m the kind of person that loves fantasy more than sci-fi, but loves when they’re both mixed even more, it’s going to be a mix between the two. So a Sci-Fi Fantasy, but with an emphasis on the fantasy.

If we can do it, I want there to be a toggle for first and third person cameras, like you have in C&C: Renegade or the later Elder Scrolls games.

Hey I have that camera set up.
hear my blend file

press tab to chage between fp and tp
f1-f8 to chage camera