Looking to pay someone to create two 3d modeled heads

I’ll pay someone to make two 3d-modeled heads that I can rig, animate, and put into a game engine. Figured this place was the best place to look.

A while back, my little girl saw a blender model that I was working on of some generic person, and said, “That’s cool. I wish you would make one of me and Mom.” I told her that I would, and would even put her into a little Unity game that I have been working on, expecting that I could get away with some “close enough” models since I’m not really an artist. When she saw the final result, she was disappointed that the faces didn’t look like either of them, so I told her that what she saw wasn’t finished yet, and I was still working on it.

Now I’m here looking for someone to bail me out of an impulsive promise I made to a kid that since I’m not an artist, I won’t be able to keep.

Wildcat, Are you looking for a caricature or photo-reel? Will you provide face on and profile photos?

maybe just create a new thread
work with your girl
start simple ie. http://avachara.com/avatar/
devote to her, a moment a day
let her learn & gain skill, differentiate between 2D/3D, complexity & patience…
grow together :slight_smile: have fun together


I am Ashley Hannes. I have recently saw your requirement and interested to work with you. So, I have already send a PM. Please check and let me know.

I will wait for your kind reply.

Best Regards,

I can create realistic sculptures for you!
My same portfolio

With regards,

Hi Wildcat,

I really appreciate your effort to keep your promise. Here I am sharing some of my 3D characters please take a look, If you like the please share your email id for further communication.

I’m glad I found this site, and was able to find someone to help me out.

I checked out all the portfolios that was sent, and you are all very talented artists. Thank you for all the responses from the community.