Looking up through the Skies

All the years doing CGI, I can not make an image like this image (sample). You are on the ground looking up, and through the skies is a space station. How it fades into the skies, showing it’s size. I struggle, for depth, size, etc. Any tutorials, example will be nice.

Anyone, no one?

Assuming the space station is already modeled, it is mainly a job for the compositor.
First, I would render the space station on a transparent background. Then, in the compositor, I would use two gradients: one for the transition from blue to white. The other gradient is used for the ‘depth’ of the space station, here a black-and-white gradient with the station shown only in the white part (the black part is where the space station is invisible, and the blue background is showing up).

I hope I’m clear enough, I will try to make an example later if I have time.

Edit: here is an example of what I said above with a very very simple space station.

Here is the .blend file: sample.blend (599 KB)

maybe my tut might give some help. https://youtu.be/pjGIbdKSf4o

The best would be to render with a volumetric earth atmosphere scattering.

Here is a good start

Then place the camera inside the atmosphere and look up to the space station,which should placed at the outside edge from the atmosphere

I haven’t read through the comments but I would use a combination of a depth aov for opacity of a top blend layer. Have to be careful with that one because if you put it on the render it’s self you may find yourself seeing stars, clouds, etc through the solid metal panels of the station… and then control where it disappears using either the middle handle on a curves adjustment or a levels, and then use a fog/mist aov for foreshortening. I thik it is also worth mentioning that this is a heavily comped photo. I am not saying that because you didn’t obviously know but it’s just a good thing to keep in the back of your mind that realism sorta goes out the window for the sake of artistic naturalism.

Tried again and sometimes I think it is camera work as well. This is what I have (Image).

And then, this is where I position, even moon. And the distance positioning is huge numbers.

And then this is what I get. Space station looks like it is on top city, even moon doesn’t look right (distance). I do add haze… but then the sky (with clouds), messes up scene. Using HDRI for sky (cycles)


With Haze, HDRI. Can see not a easy project and process.