Looks angry?


Like the concept and toon look. However there is a lot of facial reaction ‘Missing” between the opening frame and final shouting frame. And showing emotion is really the hallmark of animation.

And displaying that emotion involves a lotta little muscles in the face that work together. Keys are Eyes nose and mouth. Picture an oval incorporating the mouth, cheek muscles, nostrils, muscles on the inner cheek under the outer eye, and of course, the muscles driving the eyebrows.

What actions are missing in your work
No lifting of the back of the nostrils higher along the face (this occurs during periods of unpleasant surprise, agitation, intensity of effort, and preparation for a fight, )

No flare of the nostrils ( nostrils open wider to admit more air into lungs
No pinching of inner cheek muscles. Which will bunch up beneath the outer eye (during moments of anger and intense resolve all the facial muscles “pinch” and lift higher along the face, corners of mouth, nose crease, cheek muscles, inner cheek muscles, lips. All lift a bit)

No lowering of the brow, which is indicative of anger or a clash. And the more likely the clash, the more the inner brow will flatten or down turn.

Additionally, the head slightly tilts forward in preparation for a clash. Which increases the downward rake appearance of the inner brow

No tightening of lips, where lip line becomes pulled in against the teeth. Lips almost entirely dissapear. Severe anger or intensity of focus evokes the same response.

The eyes themselves, - white space under the cornea should be visible, with the upper lid covering the top third of the eye, but with a flattened edge of the eyelid.

These are some of the general facial responses. What I’d do if I were you, I mimic the facial expression and “FEEL” how your face responds. And take a selfie of the same expressions. Also look in the mirror to observe you facial muscles. But this exercise is harder than the selfie as its a bit difficult to observe yourself while try9ing to evoke a certain emotion. Kinda chills the idea.

Regarding the animation, I think that your model should display a ramp-up from start frame into a determined angry expression over about a 4 seconds. And then transition quickly into the shout (2-3 seconds)

Big Buck Bunny is a good reference film for studying facial emotion in an animation. LInk to Big Buck Bunny — https://youtu.be/YE7VzlLtp-4

As well there are other Blender animated short films to contrast with, like
Agent 27. Link to Agent 27. — https://youtu.be/mN0zPOpADL4
As well as, quite a few other Blender animated works, freely available on the internet.

Anyway, my two cents. Good luck

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sorry for the delay, I don’t spend much time here but damn, that’s really a good feedback, thank u soo much :smiley: