Looks different in render than it does shading editor

im quite new to blender so its probably something simple but it keeps doing this.
its using eevee
its in viewport shading in both views

its supposed to be red metallic but it looks like this instead


I see only one picture, can you share additional information?
If you can attach .blend file it will help to find out solution

here’s what it’s supposed to look like, couldnt put it in the main one as im a new user and cant put more than one, sorry about that

I think I got that. The answer is simple - nothing to reflect on your metal object.
In material preview you get default hdri for preview, but when you switch to render preview you got only what you have in your scene - 1 light source.

You have to add hdri for you environment like in this tutorial
Here is my example:

You also can achieve more reflection via add more light sources in your scene.