Looks good!....I think...

Hey all, New to Blender and am two weeks in and totally obsessed. This is an amazing forum and I look forward to learning and growing my blender skills. So I’ve done a few tutorials and follow alongs but this is my first original render. I converted a jpeg of my friends local brewery logo in inkscape and made this render. My origianal idea was to have the logo look like beer and have it sitting on shiny stainless steel, I could not get the fireflies down to a reasonable level so I went diffuse just to play more with lighting. Please let me know what you think.


Looks very neat so far :slight_smile:
I think you don’t need to change the glassy material for “Mountain Rambler” since the letters are pretty big in ratio to their thickness so there is no problem reading it. I would either make the lower text less thick or roughen the material up a bit because right now it’s a little hard to read. You could also make an entirely new material with a different color for it (the lower text) considering it being a subtext.
For two weeks into blender this is pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you! Great suggestion for the lower text.