Looks like a GREAT start to the New Year!

Last year I started getting bored of Blender Artists. I read the threads but for the most part a lot of the information didnt seem to address the issues that were important to me. So I stopped paying attention.

I spent a lot of time working on personal Blender projects over the holiday season and the few times I looked at the threads I couldnt find any threads or posts that I found helpful or useful.

But after a temporary hiatus, I started reading the Blender Artists site with it’s new fancy ui and new forum topics and suddenly I found a lot of information that is fascinating to read even though it may not particularly be directly relevant to anything I am doing on an individual level.

Thank you to Blender Artists!

Hope to have a Great 2013 and beyond.

Yep that is nice, I don’t know about the past but from the day I joined the BA I loved it. Because I am interested in each part or each element of blender , I know that it is really hard to learn everything but yeah I will be learning all the elements of blender one day. Now I am just a normal modeller. :smiley:

I am just telling my view, I am not saying that you are wrong or something that hurt you. :slight_smile: But I know that as much as you use BA you will love it that much and I think more than that .