Looks like fall is starting up again real soon.

Ah yes, signs of fall indeed. I’m starting to see little spotches of yellow leaves. And a sign that fall’s close is fair season, where the state fair here this year pleasantly is poised to be one of the only fairs I know of where it never got up to 80 degrees.

So I guess you should get the rakes out soon, in some parts of the country I hear the leaves are already changing color. And then I wonder who’ll be partying when the autumnal equinox signals that summer’s over. Sunflowers are blooming in large bunches already, nonetheless may have been helped by the 10 inches of rain we got here yesterday. And though stores are also getting fall decorations up, I hear Sears have already started to put up Christmas stuff.:eek:

What are your plans for the fall season?

Its a little strange to be talking about the weather as if it were the same across the world. Here, for example, it is still summer. And you have to remember that for quite a few people at this forum, winter ended recently and it is spring.

True; we’re talking about people from everywhere in the globe.

Its startin to get warmer down here below the equator:). Woop woop! summers coming:eyebrowlift2: