Looks & Personality

This was being talked about on AOL, so I’ll bring it here.

Do you judge people on looks or personality? why? How? Where? What? when? Uh, let’s just stick to “do you judge…” and “'why.”

I’m 54 what do I care about personality, give me some looks. :slight_smile:

Personality, who cares what people look like, hell most the time I don’t care what I look like.

it’s a toss up for me. sure i’d like someone with good looks but when i find out about the person and realize she’s an absolute idiot, well…

lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m all for personality.

Of course, good looks always help, but a good looking dumbass is still a dumbass.


I’m all for personality.

Of course, good looks always help, but a good looking dumbass is still a dumbass.


actualy personality has nothing to do with being dumb.
it has it all to do with how you make someone feel which defines personality.
you can have brainy bitchs. or nice dumb people.

personally my girlfriend fits into the very nicepersonality but average intellegence catagory.
as for looks i think she is hot —but thats ok cause i’m hot too so i don’t feel thretend----.

i have a nice arse too(well i think so)

you can have people with good bodies, brains and personalitys!!!
having a brains and a good body ain’t the most important but they are a bonus!!!.

I was saying dumbass in the behavioral/personnality way, as in one that acts dumb.


This reminds me of something I heard a while ago, it goes something like “we are most likely to be attracted to someone who looks similar to ourselves”…and I was thinking to myself ‘man…I dont want to meet that girl’ :-?

Anyways, this also reminds me…me and the big guy upstairs are gonna have a few words when i get there… 8)

Its quite confusing in todays society. We say “we look for someone with a good personality” but really we shrug off people who’s looks are on the not-so-good side of the spectrum (to be polite). In other words we place personality over appearance yet we choose to know the personality of the one who makes the good impression (blonde, tightly…*ehem…you get the idea)

that’s called “lying to oneself”, and often comes with the territory :-?


Since I’m 12, I’m not really supposed to judge on this. However, kids at my school are going out for whatever reason :stuck_out_tongue: , so here goes.

Most of the time, I see someone, and fall in love with them (despite never telling them). The girls I’ve had crushes on fall into 2 categories: Good looks, or smarts. (I’ve got minor crushes on every girl in a “smart kids” class I go to!) Mostly these days, it’s smarts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care if my wife isn’t really attractive. (As a matter of fact, that might be a plus–not many guys would want to have an affair with her.) If she’s got a good personality, A Beautiful Mind (couldn’t resist, but that is a reason–really smart), and/or good taste in films (if she likes “Tomb Raider”… AAAHHH!!! Not smart, but better safe than sorry), I’ll fall in love with her. :stuck_out_tongue: The beauty on the outside, however, would be kind of a plus (but also a negative–see the reason why in Andy’s wife in “The Shawshank Redemption”).

PS: Hopefully, this won’t go the way of “Youth Rights” and go into sex talk…

Looks and personality 'eh??? Well, all im gonna say is im really happy that my girlfriend has both, plus brains and good libido. So as far as any other girls, as long as there are the looks for me to take a look at, im happy!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

oh yeah one major thing that has been missed out is

how horny she isits very important that one.

much better when you know their personality before finding out that one.
and also much better when they are hornyer than you.

and alltaken, please know, this board is mostly guys, so talking about your ass and telling us your hot, its a bit suspicious as to your sexual orientation icon_wink.gif

yeah i included that just so that you wouldn’t question my sexual orientation, even though i do still find myself very atractive.
actualy i think i would get marreid to myself if i were cloned. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I judge people on looks and personality. I could never be sexually attracted to someone who doesn’t appeal to me exterior wise. But I could also never be attracted to someone with a f*cked up personality.

But for regular contacts, people I talk to, hang out with, etc, I could care less about looks. Atleast aslong as they keep themselves clean etc :wink:

shut down the light, there shouldn’t be any problem afterwards.
However, if she talks philosophy, Descartes and Platon, while you’re breaking tha laws of physics, or your bed’s springs, then you should get worried.

well actually…

no i am not gay.

but honestly i would be if i were cloned (so you betta run if you look like me)

he he he he.

in all seriousness:
i don’t mind people saying i’m gay, cause really its not an insult.
infact all of the best teachers at my school are either gay or lesbian.

even though i am not gay, i would still be flaterd if a guy thought i was atractive (apart from me).

i am what you call HOOOOOT
na i am just very comfortable with my sexuality (so i don’t really care if people think i’m gay)

you know that song I’M TO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT… well i think the guy was kinda like me (he loved himself far to much)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

“HOOOOOT”? kinda like h00t! w00t! haha, sorry couldn’t resist :wink:

Um, could we stop talking about gayness unless someone here is really gay? (I really don’t hope so…)

Hmmm… what else is there to say?

Oh ****, I’m not sure if I judge girls (and yes, I’m a guy) on their personality! AARRGGHH!! It’s just the exterior and genius factors I’m looking at! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

I hear ya. I used to have a crush on every smart girl I saw. I was also kinda threatened because if they were too smart they would ruin my status of smartest kid in the school. Now that I’ve gotten over the first hill, I can carry on a normal conversation, ask them out, etc., too bad I’ve got about 5000 equally sized hills to tackle next.

A smart girl is an evil girl.

That’s my experience, YMMV.


Seriously, there aren’t 5000 girls who are smart at my school. probably at 7th grade level, it’d be around 50-75. Unfortunately, either something’s extremely wrong with my brain, I’m way too shy, or my logical sense is kicking in, because I can’t get up the nerve to tell any of the girls I like that I like them, let alone ask them out. Seriously, who here that’s an adult started dating at 12? :stuck_out_tongue: