One of the most difficult personal projects I got myself into, it was really challenging! I always wanted to sculpt a hard-surface model, especially a feminine figure. The 2d concept belongs to the talented artist Ivan Yakushev (https://www.artstation.com/vombavr), he helped me a lot with the feedback and some minor changes I couldn’t see during the creation process, so thank you, Ivan!
Other than that I am really proud of how this artwork turned out, and hope everyone will like it as much as I do!
Thank you!!!


Really nice, but you could make it look more interesting with asymmetry. Its like 100% symmetry if we won´t count hair and the rose.

Thank you so much for your feedback!
Well I thought about that, i always try to brake the simmetry on my organic models, but in this example i think it did not fit somehow. I tought that making a robot, would assume that you have similar parts, or near identical. On my future projects i will take that as a new challenge!

You are right about the parts. Its robot so it usually have same parts but I was thinking something like cape on one hand if she is only using that one with a gun or something that would tell more about her. But you can do asymmetric robot. I think it will look cool.

Think Its great just as is.

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Thank you! Now that i see it today i still find some problems, but these artists! Never satisfied with there work!

did you made the sculpt in zbrush or blender?

I must admit that i used both, blender can’t handle very good a dense mesh, this one had around 50 mil. poligons. Thank you!

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yeah zbrush has better performance there you can handle 30 million vertices (i think) in a medium good pc xD

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