Loony Research

My entry for the Monthly Challenge:

In a distant future, they found a loo
Not knowing what it is, not knowing what it can do
They brought it to a lab, researching the inside’s poo
Which could be mine, but might as well come from you

Loony Research


Big version (1280x960):

  • Internal render
  • AO (‘Both’ enabled (first time I used that one))
  • Glow
  • Some toilet humor
  • Particles for smoke
  • 1 turd, 3 idiot humanoids
  • Some colourcorrection as Post-Pro

Hope you like it.

All kind of C&C very welcome,

:D:D:D:D sensational

Always comes back to the toilet humor, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nicely done.


Hi, Sago,

It’s really funny! This image tell us many story. I like it.
Of course, your technique is excellent!

hehehe… really funny!
i just think that the poo is too smooth… but the image is very well done and the hairs are really great!

So you’re saying there’s more out there like Wu? iiiiieeeeee!!!

/me runs screaming to the nearest pub…

(BTW, awesome work and funny! Love the hair and the glowing armor.)

I really don’t want to encourage this kind of thing.

But it did have me in stitches for ten minutes. Well done! A++ for the verse too.

I love it! And the rhyme at the start really gives it meaning.
Fantastic job!

Top notch! I just think the skin is a little too reflective. Otherwise, great texturing and modeling.

funny stuff! this almost redeems you for the two threads locked in two days…i said almost!

Did you ever read “Motel of the Mysteries” By David Mcauley? Reminds me of that.

As this is set in the distant future, it’s obvious that this poo has pretty much become fossilized.

Honestly, do you know nothing about the effect of time on defaecated matter?? %|

( :smiley: )

Very nice scene! I love the holo-image of the toilets possible use.

Nice work Sago. You have your own style.

I’m still waiting for your “more than a week” work.

lol, the hologram made me lmao :smiley:

Hehehehe, nice one! :smiley:
the verse is funny too

Endi - Thanks. :smiley: One day I hope to achieve the quality textures you make.

BgDM - Thanks. :smiley: One day I hope to achieve the quality fart jokes you make.

Haha, JK.
What can I say, humor has always been an important factor in my work. And the few times there isn’t any humor in it, there should at least be a good if not great concept.

Toudou - Hi! I certainly hope my work can tell a story, without it being totally dependent on the verse (even though it makes it extra funny).

Ah crap! :stuck_out_tongue:
Wasn’t sure how poo would look like in that state, but I could’ve been less subtle with the fractal subdivision.

mzungu - More people out there like Wu? Not sure if you mean the idiot humanoids or me with my toilet humor… in both cases you’re absolutely right.

3Distracted - Glad you liked it. Yeah, I think the verse gave it that little extra.

JCTiger - Thank you! The rhyme (verse/introtext or whatever) was also for some people if the image itself wasn’t obvious enough. :wink:

halsir - There’s no (mirror)reflection on the skin, but perhaps it’s because of the world- and lightcolours that bounce on the skin.

Pfff… I’m still thinking of a nr 3, but it has to be a good one. Make it worth it. Got to spread my crappy humor. Got to give those mods something to do.

Lord of the Rings Junkie - “Motel of the Mysteries” By David Mcauley? Nope, don’t know that one, I don’t read much (btw. it’s David Macaulay %| ). Oooh, it got drawings in it. Yeah, I just read some reviews of that book, and it has indeed some similarities. Doesn’t look like I can get this one in Dutch. :frowning: With the English version I would miss too much, I think.

neverend - Haha, so you’re a fossillesed poo-expert? I like the holo-image too.

cipix - I was hoping this was more like a ‘9 days’-work. :smiley: Anyway, I’m glad people seem to recognize my style (while it’s also evolving very slowly).

yoeri - I believe the hologram is funny too, and I also think the hologram is a very important factor in the storytelling. Or something.

Stefce - Thanks. The verse was actually quite easy to make. Lotsa words rhyme with poo. damn, I could’ve used ‘Wu’

Btw. those banners sometimes really crack me up:



looks like the guy on the right hand side is looking elsewhere, or depressed. maybe he’s about to faint from the smell?

actually, I was trying to make every person look somewhere else.

Left person to the turd in his hand.
Middle person to the toilet.
Right person to the other 2 persons, while he’s pointing at the hologram.

This was kinda tough, since I couldn’t rotate the heads much because of the armour (and their eyes don’t have iris’s).