Loop and subsurf problem


After a long time of asking myself “how the heck I can fix it” I decided to ask for help on a forum.

I am trying to model a car and I don’t have an idea how to fix this thing which you can see on screenshot.


Also in this point I cannot use alt + RMB to select loop verts. It seems that this loop is divided into 2 sections as you can see here:


Here is a BLEND File: http://www.chomikuj.pl/greenthumb/help.blend

I would be much obliged if someone could help me and answer:

  1. what could be done to fix this dent,
  2. why I cannot select whole loop of verts (I tried to extrude the last vertex the loops stops at, but it doesn’t work - I don’t have an idea how to create a loop…)
  3. is this a “good” wireframe or how to make it better,
  4. how to make a “space” between bonnet and fender as it is in real life.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, the reason for the dent was because of the pole on the creased edge. See attached for one possible solution, I’ve hi-lighted what I added.
To create an edge to a bonnet/door, ctrl + r next to an existing edge (this will be a test of your topology) then without pressing anything move your mouse so the new edge will be very close to another. Then select all the edges and extrude the region into the body.
Hope this helps.

P.S. you can always look at what other people have done in the WIP forum.


Thanks Nobody [it’s from Deadman, right? :slight_smile: ]!

With your screenshot I realized that I have to re-arrange the front part of model. Right now it looks ok (the dent has disappeared) and the wireframe is prettier :slight_smile:

Here is what it looks right now.

Once again - thanks :slight_smile: