Loop cut challenge


Trying to find a solution here. 1st screenshot is the object, 4 sides, and lots of fillets.

2nd screenshot is what I’m trying to do. Zoomed in on the outer corner.

Some context. This was a solid model (IGES) exported from a CAD program and converted to a mesh, so there are going to be some loose vertices and n-gons. For the faces I want to quickly resolve the n-gons (because there are a lot) you see in the 2nd pic, by cutting the faces or connecting the verts. I want to maintain the geometry, otherwise I’d delete those verts. I don’t suppose there is a mostly automated way of handling this?

why don’t do simply redo it with clean topo in blender
then you can add all the loop you want !

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I hear ya, but time is of the essence in this case. I would think dividing the faces in question would be quicker?

Actually, this brings up another question. So, another option I tried is just to re-create the faces. But, when I “dissolve” faces to construct new ones, that also deletes the vertex. I thought dissolve kept everything else in place?

not certain but I guess import IGES is a mess in blender

the model is not that complicated
so faster to simply redo it in blender with clean topo

and keep verts counts to a minimum also

could be done with curve and curve bevel
or simply with mesh manually

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You’re right, it isn’t that complicated.

Here’s another layer of complexity, though. So, the original file was a 2D DWG drawing. The CAD program I’m operating in (Fusion) is able to convert DWG to DFX. That’s all well and good. But this particular file imports blank. I’m guessing it’s an error within Fusion. But that’s another story.

Point is, yes, I would totally model this in Blender if I could get the dang DWG/DXF to import. And I’d share the DWG except I’m under a non-disclosure agreement. Fun times.

do you at least go the general dimensions to do it in blender?

mind you the shape is rectangular can always be re scale
but need proper proportion for the side cross section

give it a try and see what it gives

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